Powermac 7500 / 233

Llariot is only the third mac I've ever bought (the first being the Performa 550, which I believe is being transported to pitsburg tech. institute to serve Stretch as a NetBSD box, the second being core. I picked him up used from a friend who's selling it off to make room for bigger and better hardware. It's the first beige hardware I've used since I left the school board offices in Flordia, and I must say that I did sorta miss it a bit. SCSI, ADB, even svideo in and RCA audio in / out! He's currently being used as a webcam box, but eventually I'll be running other stuff on him. Once I get a USB KVM switch and a usb card for him, he'll be much more usable. I've currently got three keyboards on the desk, and that's just too many.

The stock 100 mhz 601 was replaced by its previous owner with a 604e 233 mhz PPC. Definitely a little extra spunk. Soon, I'll also be slapping in a ziff carrier + 350 mhz G3 processor, which will probably also make me buy more ram and a u2w scsi disk to use on the ProRaid u2w card I have.

The only lingering issue I have is with the video input. It's the standard svideo in that came on the 7500s, but there's a strange problem with it. The svideo camera I have is most definitely a color camera, yet nothing I can do allows me to get a color image into the mac. I've been told that this could be due to the cpu upgrade. If anybody has any info / suggestions, please email me.

OS Mac OS 9.1


NewerTech G3 running at 275 Mhz
RAM 128 MB
Drives 1 GB SCSI
PCI Voodoo 4000
Monitor NEC MultiSync 95 19 inch

Change log
  • March 8, 2001 - Llariot begins his new life with dre^ (Thanks Nick!)
  • June 24, 2001 - mkultra shipped me a newertech g3 zif carrier card + a g3 cpu, which I just finally got around to hooking up... seems to be working pretty well... humming along at a steady 24 degrees centigrade... Also a while ago, piston loaned me a Voodoo pci video card, which allowed me to move the rage 128 into the g4 for dual head action :) Oh, and it turns out that apparently it's my camera that's screwed... I tried it with three different cpus in llariot, and each time the video was totally not in color... oh well.
  • February 13, 2003 - llariot continues to hang out. After a tour of duty as the network monitoring device for Islandless Networks in the BVI, he has since returned with me to Seattle. I've got a total of 5 machines now, and I just don't have a lot of use for an OS 9 machine these days. Occasionally I'll need to test something on an old machine, though, so it's worth keeping him around for that. I know that he could run OS X, but I already have enough OS X machines.

Here's a couple photos from the cam of llariot behaving candidly.