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The Manifesto...

Ok, here's how this works... Directly below, you'll see a bunch of links. This is kinda like my little writings archive. Each link will take you to a page which contains a specific work. Below that, you'll find my current "state of affairs". Enjoy!

A Call To Arms discuses the singular greatest threat to modern society. I would say that it is in our national best interest to take this article to heart.

Andre speaks out on misguided youth, misconceptions about the net and religious education.

Andre on Cyrano de Bergerac. Discusion of the relationship between emotional responce and establishment of identity with characters in Romantic works.

Andre on Hamlet. What was Hamlet's flaw?

Andre on Oedipus Rex.

Andre's friends speak out about school rules.

Lastly and most significantly, Andre discuses the roots of racial fear.

Nearing the end of my highschool years, I knew I needed a plan. So I made one. I would go to the local community college, intern with a great group at the county technology center (called the IMC), work part time and live at home. That would work well for me, since I would be getting a cheap education (at least the fundamentals - I planed to go on to a full univeristy), I'd have a good job (I would have kept my job at MarVista, a little seafood place), I would have been getting great hands-on experience in "my field", and I would have free room and board.

Then, about 5 months ago, my parents decided they wanted to move. Well, that basically screwed up everything as far as my plans are concerned. Five months isn't enough time to apply to a good university, so I would have had to settle for some CC probably. And of all places, they wanted to go to Pennslyvania (which doesn't even begin to compare with our sunny abode on the Florida gulf coast). But, they had their reasons.

And so I was faced with a dilema: stay and try to support myself, or go and live with my parents, but give up everything I had in Florida. It was a tough choice. For weeks I went back and forth on it. Every time I talked to one of my friends, or someone who worked at the place I was to intern at, I was reassured that I wanted to stay. But the reality of the fact is that it would be extremely difficult for me to go to school full time, work full time (which I would have to do if I was living alone) and also be an intern. I asked my parents (more like begged them) to reconsider their decision and stay for two more years, at which point I would go on to a major university and live in the dorms. But they didn't change their minds.

I moved with my parents. That was on June third. On the forth of June, I flew back to FL to teach in a Technology Institute for Manatee County school administrators and teachers (this is just one example of the opportunities I had in that area). I arrived back in PA in the 13th.

Now it's the 17th and I really wish I had stayed. Firstly, working with the other teachers of the Tech. Institute, I realized that I really fit in, and was good at it. THAT was where I belonged. Secondly, after staying with a friend for the duration of the Institute, I realized what real freedom is. Coming back home really sucked. I realized how restrictive my parents are. They are only looking out for "my own good", but their implementations of their good intentions leave much to be desired. I don't think they realize that I basically want to be left alone.

So, for right now, at least, I am unhappy here. I have exactly one friend (whom I've known for quite a while, because I go on vacation up here every summer). I know very little about this town. There isn't much here in the way of technology that I've found so far.

In short, this sucks. When I think that I could be back in FL, working my old job (which I liked, and where I was very much appreciated), interning and having a great time with all the folks at the IMC (the place I was to intern at), and still be in close proximity to my friends, it's very easy for me to second guess my decision to move up here.

I think I ju st need time. Time to get settled in, time to find my niche, time to make new friends, etc. etc. Because if this doesn't get any better, I'm catching a plane straight back to Florida.

Now, months later, I've moved back to Florida and am attending school, working, doing the internship, and hanging out w/friends. I guess I just decided to go for it, and with that I moved back to Florida from PA. I'm pretty glad I did.....I'd hate to still be up there. Anywho, I'm having a good time here doing my thing....


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