AMD K6 300

So I'd been using this box as a quasi-wintendo. This was actually the first computer I used when I moved into this appartment with eJoe, since I didn't yet have my mac. It performed admirably running StarCraft and putty, which is all I ever used it for once I got my mac. After installing the mac version of StarCraft, I finally realized that I no longer needed it running windoze. In a burst of orgasmic pleasure, I downloaded a debian ISO, and proceeded to convert this little box into something far more useful. And thus, spud was born. His main purpose is as yet undetermined; I just wanted to have a real bona-fide linux box to play with; a box where, for example, I face none of the problems with a beta OS (macosx) or none of the idiosyncrasies that some *nix software exhibits on ppc hardare (core). Besides, we have 4 ips... and it was constantly nagging at me that we weren't using them all ;-)

OS Debian 2.2
Kernel Linux 2.2.18pre21


AMD K6 300
Drives 3 GB ATA/33
4 GB ATA/33
PCI Soundblaster 16
Matrox Millenium
Monitor Sony 15"

Change log
  • January 10 - Spud is born!
  • February 12 - Added 4 GB drive. Thanks eJoe :)

Oh, and uh... I'm not quite sure that screenshots would be very interesting, since I don't have X going yet. Perhaps some day I will, and that's when I'll add screenshots. For now, here's just the motd...