(all this stuff is super old...)


Configuring LDAP over SSL in Mac OS X Server
This document covers creating a network netinfo domain, binding a client to it over LDAP, automounting a home directory via afp, and enabling SSL by creating our own certificate authority, generating a certificate request, signing it, and configuring the ssl services on the client and server.

SSH Tunnels For Fun and Profit
Complete with omnigrafles and everything, this is a tutorial on both forward and reverse ssh tunnels.

How Not To Manage an ISP
Here's some stuff I wrote about Cable & Wireless during my tenure with Islandless. In a belated and essentially un-necessary attempt to convince the BVI locals that their ISP is bullshit, I put this together to explain why c&w's network is badly broken. There's not much purpose for this document anymore, except for whatever academic value it might provide :)

Andre's Guide to Internet Networking
This is targeted at the beginning Internet user. This is pretty old, but still more or less correct, so I leave it online for historical purposes :)


To Pennslyvania, New York and Beyond
About the first two thirds of this was written a while after I got to Seattle. I just recently found it lying around, so decided to finish it. It's the recap of my time in PA and NYC.

The Manifesto
Here you'll find a collection of writings that were produced during my senior year in highschool. Some were written for the school newspaper, some for English class. Keep in mind that some of the topics explored therein are rather dated... you'll see what I mean ;-)

Andre's run in with the man, part 1 (private)
The first in the highly acclaimed saga of my run in with Johnny Law. This segment tends to be a bit more on the vengeful, bitchy side, as I was pretty damn angry when I wrote it, having just recently gone thru a whole load of shit.

Andre's run in with the man, part 2 (private)
This second half of the story is quite a bit more lighthearted. After all of this was over and done with, I was feeling really really good, so I put in some serious writing time to make this what I'd consider a decent piece.
UPDATE! This document was thought to be lost forever, as it was hosted on a server that went away, and I forgot to ask to have it saved. Recently, I was browsing my cd collection, and there it was :) Also note that as of 9/2/02, this two-part saga has been made private. If you want to read 'em, drop me an email telling me who you are and I'll give you access :)

IRC (private)
The an outdated page that isn't relevant in a number of ways, yet which is still historically significant.

My Resume